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The Little Vikings 1
"I think the last Scandinavian trio to fight in the yearly gladiator matches were the Great Danes," Noah sighed to his companions as they rode in their limo to the arena. His blue eyes shifted to the two other boys beside him, both blond, both with baby faces. "Except they were all Danish, and Mikkel Lund was killed in the end."
Onni Oxenstierna glanced up from the tablet in front of him to meet his cousin's eyes nervously. "I remember that story," he said softly, gaze switching between his cousins now and then. "It caused a big fight between the Nordic nations. Papa told me once that the Danes felt that sharing power for their win was unfair, especially after Uncle Denmark lost Mikkel in his last year of gladiating. His last day of gladiating, too."
"But we're a team," Aron, their Icelandic-Norwegian cousin, reminded forcefully as the vehicle slowed for inspection at the rear gate of the arena. "We're not like the Great Danes. We are representatives of the Nordic nations.
Noah looked
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The little god Hideaki stood nearby a statue of a Buddha, thoughts running slowly through his head. Japan had been a little better since its government had been centralized. The people now had reading and writing, and watched China for inspiration. A single leader had even been chosen to look after the people. However, it had also come with fear of enemies, taxes on weapons and food for the army, and barricades.
The nation had exchanged their moral-less lifestyle for a more controlled lifestyle filled with nothing but morals and ways to live life. "The Four Truths" became a part of life, and Buddha statues- mostly wooden at the time- were erected in honor of the "god." Hideaki found it a little humorous, even, when the people began living with the belief that life is pain and that the only way to live happy would be to give up wanting.
Then came the Soga and the Monobe. It was entertaining to watch the fighting between the religious people and the corrupt government, but it did not las
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Ok, so...

Journal Entry: Sat May 30, 2015, 11:31 PM
I know I've been gone a while. Honestly, I was working a lot. That's the biggest reason, but definitely not the complete truth. The other part is that I've been spending nearly every Saturday with some friends and my brother playing GURPs (a role playing game similar to D&D). On Sundays I don't really have an excuse other than laziness, though. I've been stressed over an upcoming OP4 test that, assuming I get the job, will start my new pay off at $12/hr. However, again, that's assuming I pass the test for the promotion. And then if I get it, I'll have to train and add more stress to my already stressful routine. The positive in the outcome, aside for much, much more money will be that I can pay my car off faster. I just have to pass the test and survive two weeks of training, first...

In any case, I've also done a little bit of drawing again, this time using Flash Animation. I still had the old book, and it allowed a trial period, so I figured "why not?" It's tough, since I don't remember a lot of what they taught in college, but I'm determined to re-learn it. After all, I'll need it for things like animations when I start making games, which is what I want to do. 

That said, I just went and bought a drawing tablet. It was expensive, but I'm hoping I get it soon so I can start using it and getting comfortable enough to attempt some art. I particularly want to find some tutorials on shadowing and coloring things digitally. Maybe they'll have something for CG coloring that I can follow. I already have SAI all ready to begin my art, and there's plenty of references I can find to figure out my own style. Hopefully it'll be fun and not as stressful as my job. That would be nice, to have something to come home to and relax. Sometimes I miss my hobbies...

Well, anyway, I did buy the tablet. That's all I got unless you want to hear about my boring, dull job, and I'm positive you don't! That, and I didn't sleep much, so don't expect me to jump up even if someone does ask! Haha! :D

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